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History develops, art stands still

Le Château Hotels & Resorts is quality of service-focused International chain of Hotels & Resorts with a French inspiration & perspective. Le Château is a subsidiary of Continent Worldwide Hotels which has its own unique concept representing various cultural backgrounds such as French, American, Turkish and Chinese hotel groups along with well experienced multinational hospitality management team.
Le Château was founded by Alain Maxime Raymond and is a veteran hotelier since 1976. Alain Maxime has extensive experience in the hospitality industry with international hotel chains in different regions “Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia…etc.”
We have adopted a unique concept of alliances ”Le Château Global Group” by getting associated with one of major wholesalers “GTS Beds” and Travel Spirit in the MEA region. On the revenue side & quality assurance, our strategic alliances aim to increase effectiveness by attracting more clients as we believe that strategic alliances will become the market-expansion strategy of choice in the hotel industry.
Only the strategic alliance offers companies the ability to respond to the pressures of global competition. Potential benefits include enhanced market coverage, both geographically and by seg­ment; and greater economies of scale in advertising, sales distribu­tion; and comple­mentary strengths in operations and marketing.
As essential elements of success, the unique combination of myriad expertise of Le Château multinational team along with the renowned French Hospitality would definitely contribute to the Excellence of Service standards and main objectives. Le Château Hotels incepted with upscale villas in Cannes, France Tunisia…etc. along with aspired expansion plan in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt…

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